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Apply For/Obtain
How do I apply for an animal license?
Animal Licenses

No person shall own, keep or harbor any dog or cat over three (3) months old unless it is licensed. Animal License are issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours. Proof of current rabies vaccinations is required.

Animal License are to be obtained annually and expire the same date of the rabies vaccinations.

Annual Fee:

                        Unaltered                                         $20.00
                        Sprayed or Neutered                     $10.00
                       Unaltered                                          $20.00
                       Sprayed or Neutered                      $10.00
                      *Dangerous Animal                         $50.00  
*Additional requirements please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's Office
How do I register a business or residential alarm?
Business and Residential Alarm Licenses

Businesses and Residents are required to register their alarm system with the town. Licenses are issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours.

Business Alarm License are to be obtain annually and expire December 31st of the year issued.

Annual Fee for Business Alarm License: $25.00
No fee for Residential Alarm Registration.

How do I apply for a business license?
Business License

Any person maintaining, operating or conducting any business or establishment, or doing business, or engaging in any activity or occupation in the town shall obtain a Merrillville Business License, licenses issued through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during regular business hours. Town of Merrillville Business License expire October 1st of the year issued.

Initial fee : $150.00
Renewal Fee: $75.00
Late Fee: $25.00

How do I apply for an employment opportunity with the Town of Merrillville?
Town of Merrillville employment application

Applications can be mailed to 7820 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410 Att: Human Resources, dropped off in person or emailed to

Equal Opportunity Employment

The Town of Merrillville strives to create mutually rewarding career opportunities that are available to all applicants without regard to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship status, military status, or any other category protected under federal, state or local law.

Visit the Merrillville Human Resources page for a list of available positions.
How do I obtain public records?

The following public information may be viewed or photocopied at the Clerk-Treasurer's Office during business hours:  

  • Contracts between the town and other public agencies
  • Minutes of all public meetings conducted by the Town Council
  • Agendas for Town Council
  • Copies of ordinances and resolutions
  • All financial data including revenues, expenditures and town budgets

To obtain records, an Access to Public Records Request(PDF) must be submitted.
How do I apply for a U.S. Passport?
U.S. Passport

The Clerk-Treasurer's Office processes U.S. Passport applications for a $35 fee and takes U.S. Passport photos for a $10 fee. Photo fee waived for Merrillville residents when applying for a U.S. Passport.

Acceptance Hours

By appointment only, from 9:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. Monday-Friday. Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer's Office to schedule an appointment. 

For more information regarding fees, please visit US Passports & International Travel or call the Clerk-Treasurer's Office 219.769.3501.
How do I apply for town boards and commissions?
Please download and fill out the Board/Commission Application. Please return your completed application to the Town of Merrillville, Office of the Town Manager 7820 Broadway Merrillville, Indiana 46410. E-mail:
Contact Information
How do I contact Town Departments and other local officials?
Clerk Treasurer Office

phone 219.769.3501
fax 219.756.0542
html webpage
Town Courts

phone 219.756.6185
fax 219.756.1775
html webpage

Fire Department

phone 219.769.0004
fax 219.769.1341
html webpage
Parks and Recreation

phone 219.980.5911
fax 219.980.0928
html webpage
email Report a Concern
Planning and Building

phone 219.769.3631
phone 219.769.4670
fax 219.736.9039
html webpage
email Report a Concern
Police Department

phone 911  Emergency 
phone 219.769.3531  Non Emergency
phone 219.769.3722  Administration
phone 219.648.2268  Drug Tip Hotline
fax 219.769.3846
html webpage
Street Department

phone 219.769.6784
fax 219.756.8005
html webpage
email Report a Concern
Stormwater Department

phone 219.472.8668
fax 219.472.8670
html webpage
email Report a Concern
Town Manager

phone 219.769.5711, ext. 302
html webpage
Town Council

phone 219.769.5711, ext. 303
html webpage

Reference Phone List

(Last updated 06.15.18)

Town Government
Administration/Town Manager - 219.769.5711, ext. 303
Clerk-Treasurer - 219.769.3501
Code Enforcement - 219.769.3699
Town Court - 219.756.6185
Police Department (non-emergency) - 219.660.0001
Fire Department (non-emergency) - 219.769.0004
Parks Department - 219.980.5911
Planning & Building - 219.769.3631
Street Department - 219.769.6784
Stormwater Utility - 219.472.8668

Ross Township Government
Ross Township Trustee - 219.769.2111
Ross Township Assessor - 219.769.7667
Hidden Lake Park – 219.980.8790

Lake County Government
Lake County Government Center (Crown Point) - 219.755.3000
Lake County Juvenile Justice Complex (Crown Point) – 219.660.6900
Lake County Court House (Gary) – 219.886.3621
Lake County Court House (Hammond) – 219.931.3440
Lake County Court House (East Chicago) – 219.398.2442
Lake County Sheriff - 219.755.3400
Lake County Department of Homeland Security – 219.755.3549
Lake County Highway Department – 219.663.0525
Lake County Parks Department – 219.769.7275
Lake County Solid Waste Management District - 219.853.2420

State Government
Indiana State Police (Lowell post) - 219.696.6242 or Toll Free: 1 (800) 552.8917
Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Merrillville/Hobart) –  219.942.1032 or Toll Free:  1 (888) 692.6841
Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Crown Point) - 219.663.0712
INDOT (Gary Sub-District) – 219.939.3901
INDOT (LaPorte District) - Toll Free: 1 (855) 464.6368
IDEM (Valparaiso office) - 219.464.0233 or Toll Free:  1 (888) 209.8892
Indiana Department of Revenue (Merrillville office) - 219.769.4267
Indiana State Senate – Toll Free: 1 (800) 382.9467
Indiana House of Representatives – Toll Free: 1 (800) 382.9842
Indiana Do Not Call Registry – Toll Free:  1 (888) 834.9969

Federal Government
Congressman Frank Mrvan (Merrillville office) - 219.795.1844
Post Office (Merrillville) - 219.769.2130
Internal Revenue Service (Merrillville) – 219.736.4378
Social Security Administration (Merrillville office) - Toll Free:  1 (877) 692.3142 
Adam Benjamin VA Outpatient Clinic (Crown Point) - 219.662.5000 

Sanitary Sewers/Conservancy Districts
Merrillville Conservancy District - 219.472.8000
Independence Hill Conservancy District - 219.769.3996
Gary Sanitary District - 219.944.0595

Garbage Collection
Waste Management – Toll Free:  1 (800) 964.8988

Water Companies
Indiana American Water – Toll Free:  1 (800) 492.8373
Utilities, Inc. – Toll Free:  1 (866) 277.5515

Gas and Electric
NIPSCO – Toll Free:  1 (800) 464.7726 

Local Schools
Merrillville School Corporation - 219.650.5307
Andrean High School - 219.887.5959
Aquinas Catholic Community School – 219.769.2049

Methodist Hospital Southlake Campus - 219.738.5500
Pinnacle Hospital - 219.756.2100
Franciscan Health Crown Point (formerly known as St. Anthony Hospital) - 219.738.2100
St. Mary Medical Center (Hobart) - 219.942.0551
Community Hospital (Munster) - 219.836.1600
Franciscan Health Hammond (formerly known as St, Margaret Hospital) - 219.932.2300
St. Catherine Hospital (East Chicago) - 219.392.1700

Misc. Regional Numbers
Lake County Public Library - 219.769.3541
Crossroads Chamber of Commerce – 219.769.8180
NIRPC - 219.763.6060
NWI Forum - 219.763.6303
South Shore Convention & Visitors Authority – 219.989.7770
Indiana 811 “Call Before You Dig” – Toll Free:  1 (800) 382.5544
Online Payments
How do I pay for HAZMAT licenses, business licenses, and business alarm fees?
The Merrillville Clerk-Treasurer's online payment portal is available at
Accident Reports
How do I purchase an accident report?
You can purchase an accident report by visiting
Receive Notifications
How can I receive town notifications and public safety alerts
Stay connected by signing up to receive notifications from the Town of Merrillville. Visit to sign up for email or text notifications. You can pick the topics in which you want to receive notifications. They include town news, meetings agendas, and public notices.

You can also use the Smart911 app to receive weather, traffic, and emergency notifications. The app can also be used to provide data to public safety and health responders during 911 calls so they will already know those details before entering an emergency scene. Click on the Smart911 link to download the app.

Voter Registration
How do I register to vote?
Visit to register to vote and for other voting information.
Vacation Home Check
How do I register for a vacation home check?
Please download and fill out the Vacation Home Check Application and return it to the Merrillville Police Department, 7820 Broadway Merrillville, IN 46410.
Document Downloads
How do I download town documents?
Visit the following links to download/obtain documents from various town offices and departments.

Town Administration
Code Enforcement
Town Council
Police Department
Planning and Building
Street Department
Stormwater Management