Food and Beverage Tax

The Merrillville Town Council in December of 2023 adopted an ordinance enacting a 1% food and beverage tax on all dine-in and take-home prepared food and drinks sold at Merrillville eateries, bars, and similar outlets. The excise tax goes into effect Feb. 1, 2024.

At 1% of prepared food and drink sales, it equates to a penny on every dollar spent. For example, if you are dining out in a local restaurant and your total tab is $30.00, then your dinner tab would be $30.30 with the tax in place.   

The food and beverage tax wouldn’t have a significant effect to your total purchases, but the combined impact on the many food and beverage tabs throughout the Town adds up to a substantial amount for Merrillville. An estimated $1.8 million per year.

Generating this funding is essential because Merrillville has limited options to raise money for the many services provided in the municipality.

The state legislation limits the use of the food and beverage tax dollars to two categories: Parks and Recreation as well as Tourism.

Please visit the links in the menu to learn more about the food and beverage tax and how you can provide input about the matter.