Code Enforcement

  1. Mow your grass!  Grass or weeds must be kept to a length of less than eight (8) inches. This also includes landscaped areas
  2. Call the Public Works Department before you put branches out by the street. They will be able to supply with you information on how to dispose of them.  Their office phone number is 219-769-6784.
  3. Keep your vehicles out of yours or neighboring yards and on a designated driveway. To be considered a driveway, it must be built out of concrete, asphalt, or in rare cases stone. Dirt doesn’t count!
  4. Keep your inside furniture inside and only use outside furniture outside.
  5. Your portable basketball hoop is in your driveway and not out on the street.
  6. Do not allow debris to accumulate outside your home. Examples of debris are yard waste, appliances, furniture, and car parts.  Putting a tarp over them doesn’t make them invisible.
  7. All vehicles at your home are currently plated and are operational. That includes the vehicles parked in the street. Again, putting a tarp over a vehicle doesn’t make it invisible. Tarping of a compliant vehicle is allowed. 
  8. Put away your trash and recycling cans on your pickup day. Do not put out televisions, computer equipment, and other electronics for trash pickup. They will have to be disposed of at the Lake County Solid Waste disposal sites. One location is at the Crown Point Public Works, 219-662-6121 and the second is at the Hobart Public Works, 219-942-6121.
  9. Damaged pools and fences must be properly repaired or removed. Broken items such as windows, gutters, and soffits must be properly repaired.
  10. Continue to mow your grass. THANK YOU!