Stormwater News

2022 June     Notice of Stormwater discharge June 14, 2022
 2019     Oct    Taft Street Road Closure to begin Monday, October 14, 2019
 2019     Sept    Fall, 2019, Newsletter article (Stormwater Rain Gardens)
 2019     Feb    Municipal Sewer & Water article in February, 2019, edition
 2018     May    FEMA Fact Sheet Dated May 29, 2018 regarding February, 2018, Flooding and Rain Event
 2018     April    Merrillville High School and Andrean High School Participate in Earth Day Rain Barrel Competition
 2018     Mar    Spring, 2018, Newsletter article (Stormwater 101)
 2017     Oct    Fall, 2017, Newsletter article  (Flood Insurance Facts)
 2017     June    Matt Lake & Stormwater Utiilty featured in June/July 2017 Business View Magazine
 2017     May    May is "National Water Safety Month" - Precautions Needed at Ponds & Other Bodies of Water
 2017     May    Rain Barrel Program for 2017 Concluded; Home Delivery is Now Available
 2017     April    Andrean High School and Merrilville Public Schools Participating in Earth Day Rain Barrel Competition
 2017     Mar    Spring, 2017, Newsletter Article (Wetlands and Stormwater Benefits)
 2017     Mar    2017 Rain Barrel Program Begins
 2016     Oct    Fall, 2016, Newsletter Article (FEMA Flood Zones)
 2016     Aug    Purdue Extension Holds Rain Garden Workshiop at Stormwater Resource Center Aug. 30 & 31, 2016
 2016     May    Precautions Needed to Save Lives at Ponds & Other Bodies of Water
 2016     May    Rain Barrel Program Concluded; Barrels Still Available Through Home Delivery Program
 2016     April    Merrillville Public Schools Participate in Rain Barrel Competition at Earth Day Event
 2016     Mar    Stormwater Department Launches its 2016 Rain Barrel Program
 2016     Mar    Spring, 2016, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Pollution Prevention)
 2016     Jan    2016 Officers Named to Stormwater Management Board
 2015    Nov    Mississippi Street Road Closure Announced for 93rd Avenue to 101st Avenue
 2015    Oct    Taney Ditch Improvements Completed - October, 2015
 2015    Sep    Fall, 2015, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Fall Tips)
 2015    Sep    Erosion Control Lunch & Learn Sponsored by Siltworm held at Stormwater Center
 2015    Aug    Hoosier Riverwatch Workshop Held at Stormwater Resource Center
 2015    June    Town of Merrillville Named an Indiana CLEAN Community
 2015    May    Rain Barrel Program concluded; Residents can still order through UpCycle Products
 2015    April    Rain Barrel Program Pickup Thursday, April 30, 2015 at the Stormwater Resource Center
 2015    Mar    Stormwater Utility Display Rain Barrel Painted By Andrean High School Students
 2015    Mar    Spring, 2015, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Protection, Awards Received This Past Year & Rain Barrel Program Info)
 2015    Mar    Stormwater Office Launches 2015 Rain Barrel Program
 2015    Feb    INAFSM Winter Newsletter 2014-15 (with photo of Executive Director Matt Lake with "Outstanding Stormwater Project" Award and article about the 54th Court Project)
 2014    Nov    Flood Insurance Premiums for Merrillville Residents to be Reduced
 2014    Nov    Stormwater Resource Center Still Accepting Caps for Recycled Benches
 2014    Oct    Stormwater Utility Receives Statewide Awards for 54th Court Project
 2014    Oct    Fall, 2014, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Enforcement and Ways Residents Can Help)
 2014    Sept    Take the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Quiz!
 2014    Sept    Illegal Dumping Signs to be Installed  in Town - $100 Reward to be Given for Informaton Leading to Conviction - September 16, 2014
 2014    Aug    Stormwater Master Plan to be Presented August 14, 2014
 2014    July    Stormwater Center is Drop-Off Site for CAP-A-THON Program for Recycled Benches
 2014    May    Radio One Communications Interview with Matt Lake & Darren Olson from Christopher Burke Engineering re: Stormwater Master Plan 
 2014    May     Rain Barrel Program Concluded
 2014    May     Merrillville Recognized for Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination Plan by IDEM
 2014    May     Executive Director Speaks at MS4 Annual Meeting on Utility Development & Master Plans
 2014    April     Stormwater Utility Launches Rain Barrel Program
 2014    April     Stormwater Utility Sets Southmoor Park Residents Public Meeting
 2014    April     Floodplain Management Workshop Held
 2014    April     Permeable Hardscapes Workshop Held
 2014    March     Spring, 2014, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Spring Tips)
 2014    Feb     Stormwater Concerns Rise With Snow Melt
 2014    Jan     Routine Ditch Maintenance on Madison Ditch
 2013    Dec     Fr. Joseph Vamos Blessing of Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center
 2013    Dec     Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center Ribbon Cutting & Open House Held
 2013    Sept     Fall, 2013, Newsletter Article (Stormwater Resource Center Being Constructed, etc.) 
 2013    Sept     Kaiser Ditch Drainage Project Done in Conjunction with Lake County Surveyor
 2013    Sept     Stormwater Master Plan Inundation Maps Available For Public Viewing
 2013    Aug     Merrillville Rain Garden Featured in Great Lakes Green Streets Guidebook
 2013    July     Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center Groundbreaking Held
 2013    May     Bon Aire Lake Residents Meeting Held
 2013    April     Merrillville Named Tree City USA Again for 2012
 2013    April     Spring, 2013, Newsletter Article (Cancer and Stormwater Runoff)
 2013    April     Contractors' Workshop for Stormwater Protection Held
 2013    April     54th Avenue Storm Sewer Reconstruction Project Starts
 2012    Oct     Fall, 2012, Newsletter Article (Various Stormwater Projects and Activities)
 2012    Oct     Fall, 2012, Newsletter Article (West Nile Virus Protection) 
 2012    Sept     INAFSM Winter Newsletter 2012-13 (with photo of Executive Director Matt Lake receiving "Excellence in  Stormwater Management" Award
 2012    Sept     Executive Director Presented "Excellence in Stormwater Management" Award by INAFSM
 2012    Aug     Taft Street Drainage Improvement Project Begins
 2012    July     Good Tree Works Municipal Arborist Training Held at Hidden Lake
 2012    May     54th Court Reconstruction Project Slated To Begin
 2012    March     Spring, 2012, Newsletter Article (Fertilizers and Stormwater Management in Your Yard)
 2012    Jan     Matt Lake Appointed to Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy
 2011    Oct     Fall, 2011, Newsletter Article (Oil and Stormwater Do Not Mix)
 2011    Aug     Matt Lake Hired as Executive Director of Merrillville Stormwater Utility