Branch Pickup & Drop Off

2024 Branch Pickup -- April 29th through Sept. 28th

The Street Department will go through every neighborhood to collect branches. Crews will start at the north end of town and work their way south. This process repeats until the end of September. If crews pass your house and branches are not out, please be patient because they will return to pick them up the next time they travel through your area. You don't need to call the Street Department about missed branches. Stack branches neatly with cut ends together at the end of your property. Town Code prohibits placing branches in the street.

This free service is for homeowners to dispose of trimmed tree branches or branches knocked down by storms. The Street Department can't handle full tree removals or branches over 6 inches in diameter. If a company cuts down your tree, the company must take the branches.

Residents can dispose of larger branches at the North Barn, 5750 Tyler Place. The location is open from 7:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. Bring your ID. If you can't manage to drop off the branches by yourself, you can hire a tree service or landscaper to drop off the branches at the North Barn.