Do I need a permit to put any of the following in my back yard: shed, detached garage, deck, above ground pool, in-ground pool or fence?
All of the above structures along with others, are considered accessory structures, which must have permit applications submitted.  These accessory structures must also meet the requirements of the parcel’s zoning for setbacks, size and height and distance from the principal building.  A Plat of Survey is required.
How high can the fence be and what type of fence material can be used?  How close to my property line can I place the fence?
In residential zones, the maximum height is six (6) feet.  Allowable materials for fencing are wood, chain link, decorative split rails, decorative wrought iron and vinyl.  Fences may be placed on the property line, however, we advise the homeowner/contractor to stay inside the line so that no portion of the fence goes over the property line.  Survey Required.
Can I put a fence in my front yard?
Fences are not allowed in front yards of residential districts.
Can I make my driveway wider?
Parking spaces in single family residential districts are limited to one garage and/or one designated driveway, said driveway not to exceed thirty-six (36) feet in width and must be six (6) feet from the side lot line.  Permit required.
Home Occupations
The Merrillville Zoning Ordinance Sec. 21-76 regulates the operation of businesses from single family residences. The Home Occupation must fall within the guidelines of the ordinance to protect the residential integrity of the neighborhood.

Home Occupation Permits are Required. Contact the office for specifics.