Stormwater Concerns Rise with Snow Melt

February 20, 2014

Northwest Indiana communities, including Merrillville, will be experiencing temporary standing water in some areas as snow continues to melt. With the forecast showing warmer temperatures this week, along with potential rain, temporary stormwater runoff along low-lying roadway areas is inevitable. This is due to the combination of melting snow stockpiles, frozen ground, as well as many storm drains covered by snow and ice. 

The town’s Public Works Department is continuing to clear snow to uncover storm drains at intersections and roadways throughout the town. The Merrillville Stormwater Utility asks that all motorists exercise caution while traveling the roadways where there is excessive accumulation of water, drive slowly and steadily through water as necessary and avoid abrupt lane changes whenever possible.  Homeowners are also encouraged to clear any storm drains in their yards to assist with drainage on residential properties and ensure that sump pump drains and downspout extensions are uncovered and cleared of ice and snow.

This has been an unprecedented winter thus far with at least 62 inches of snowfall (the third highest on record), and the town is managing their personnel and resources to address these concerns under the extreme circumstances.