The Town of Merrillville Stormwater Utility hosted the unveiling of the new “Clean and Clear” Stormwater Management of Northwest Indiana poster on December 7th at the Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center.  At the unveiling, Artist Mitch Markovitz discussed the creation of the original oil painting and posters after meeting with local Stormwater officials earlier this year.  The original artwork and posters depict a waterway meandering throughout the region and heading into Lake Michigan. 

Matt Lake, Executive Director of the Merrillville Stormwater Utility office, said “the “Clean and Clear” title of the poster is just perfect because it represents what we want in our waterways – clean and clear water.  Ultimately, what people do on land ends up in local waterways that end up in Lake Michigan”, he said.

The Northwest Indiana Stormwater Advisory Group (NISWAG) discussed the possible commissioning of the artwork and poster for years because they are popular posters, and it is a unique way to increase awareness of stormwater management.  NISWAG members met with artist Mitch Markovitz and staff from the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority to create the poster and concept for the artwork.  The Stormwater Management poster is the latest in the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority “Along the South Shore Line” series. 

The 24” X 36” posters are available for sale for $35, and smaller 12” X 18” posters are available for $25 for pick-up only at the Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center, 7404 Broadway, Merrillville.  Checks, cashier’s checks or money orders should be payable to the “Town of Merrillville”; cash will not be accepted.   See the attached pdf to view an image of the poster.

For further information, call the Merrillville Stormwater Utility office at (219) 472-8668.