The Merrillville Rain Barrel Program has concluded for 2016.  The Merrillville Stormwater Utility department thanks all residents and non-residents who participated in this year's program.

UpCycle Products, the company that Merrillville uses for its rain barrel program, still offers rain barrels for sale to anyone living in Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties.  They are 55-gallon rain barrels made from recycled food grade barrels and are available in gray, terra cotta, blue and black.  Northwest Indiana residents can order online at www.upcycle-products.com; on the right-hand side of their home page is the section for order forms; click on the tab titled “Indiana Municipal Programs” and then click on “Merrillville”.  The cost is $61.50, which includes a $2.50 online credit card handling fee and a $5 delivery fee; the rain barrel will be delivered to your home.  

Additionally, a 50-gallon terra cotta rain barrel is available for sale through the home delivery program for $56.50, which includes the $2.50 online credit card handling fee and the $5 home delivery fee.

For further information, please call UpCycle Products directly at (815) 735-9583.  The Town of Merrillville is not involved in the home delivery program; however, residents and non-residents may still order a rain barrel through UpCycle Products. 

Click here to see a few pictures from our rain barrel pickup held on Tuesday, May 10th, at the Merrillville Stormwater Resource Center.