Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between storm sewers and sanitary sewers?

Who maintains the storm sewers for the streets?

Who maintains sanitary sewers?

Who maintains water lines and water mains in the town?

What does MS4 mean?

What should I do if the storm sewer near my home is not draining properly or is clogged, or there is a buildup of water on my street or near my driveway?

What is an illicit discharge?

What can I do to keep the storm sewer drain in front of my house draining properly?

Who do I call if there is flooding on Broadway, Taft Street or U.S. 30?

What should I do if my sump pump is not working correctly?

What should I do if I smell sanitary sewer back up on my property or near my home?

Who do I contact if I have a flooding or storm sewer problem, but I live in an unincorporated area?

How do I find out if my home or a home that I am interested in purchasing is located in a flood zone?

I see a stormwater fee on my real estate tax bill.  What is this for?

I see on my real estate tax bill a Merrillville Conservancy District fee and a Little Calumet River fee?  What are these for?

What are the benefits of having a rain barrel?

What are the benefits of having trees on my property?